Payday Loans Using Child Tax Credit

tax-credit-payday-loanA little short in cash and need help before the next payday? It can become an arduous task to come up with the money required for daily use and support from a financial lender can go a long way. Canadians searching for payday loans that are immediate have to consider a series of factors. Let’s take a look at some of these aspects.

Source of Income

Payday loans are provided on the basis of having one’s source of income improved. There are a range of sources one can use to sign up for the loan. Anything that is guaranteed to come in on an established date is certified by the lender as a credible source of income.

Examples of legitimate sources of income include pension, child tax credit, disability benefits, pay stubs, and any other benefits being received from the government. All benefits coming in from governmental sources are considered as an excellent source of income because they are arriving from a federal source.

The lender requires proof of income that is guaranteed to come. This ensures both parties are able to move forward with the loan in a cordial and safe manner.


What is the benefit of going with a payday loan? The best part about the entire process is in its speed. Upon approval (as all claims are filed and processed) the money will be made available within a few minutes.


This is great for those individuals who require an immediate source of cash to make purchases and keep their daily lives running.

This is an excellent way to have an influx of cash as soon as possible. This is not a taxing process and the representatives at the lending service understand the necessities behind this short-term loan. The representatives ensure all documents are in accordance with the established regulations in order to make sure the process goes through smoothly. Once everything has been certified and approved, the money is immediately sent to the individual’s account.

Methods of Receiving Loan

When the loan has been processed, it can easily be received through a range of methods. These include direct deposits, virtual wallet accounts, or email money transfers.

All of these methods are acceptable and will enable the individual to receive the money as soon as it is processed. This is important for those who want the money in hand as soon as it has been approved.

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